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Universal Fitting Konkore Fittings

Selected as the 2017 EC&M Magazine Product of the Year in the category of Fittings, the Universal Super Fitting is a revolutionary new product in the electrical industry.

The Universal Super Fitting is both raintight for wet locations and concrete-tight models for dry locations.

Zinc plated and made from SAE 1020 steel, the raintight 3-piece coupling has a threaded main body, a compression nut, a serrated split compression ring, and 3 specially designed seals that provide a highly engineered reliable barrier of protection to rain and moisture. The 3-piece coupling has a threaded main body, a compression nut, and a serrated split compression ring.

The Konkore Fittings Universal Super Fitting design features a compression ring with sharp serrations in the form of standard threading that firmly grips around a non-threaded conduit or serves as threading to mate with a threaded conduit.

This one electrical fitting interchangeably connects threaded conduit to threaded rigid or IMC conduit, and threaded conduit to unthreaded rigid or IMC conduit. Sizes 2-1/2” thru 4” also accept EMT. Concrete-tight sizes 2-1/2” thru 4” also accept PVC.

Universal Super Fitting eliminates the need to cut threads on the conduit. The Universal Super Fitting makes the job of the installing contractor far easier and affords them more time, money and allows them to secure more jobs in the wake of all of these savings.

The Universal Super Fitting offers the following features and benefits:

Raintight or Concrete-Tight – Choose per application
Speed of Installation – No need to disassemble fittings
Reduce Labor Cost – Connects quicker than Standard Couplings and 3-Piece Couplings
Reduced Material Cost – No need to purchase or inventory 3-Piece Couplings
Flexible Design – Easy transitions for GRC, IMC, EMT and PVC
Eliminates Field Threading – Connects to threaded or unthreaded product saving labor and space on the job site
Ideal for corner and tight space applications
Applicable third party standards for Universal Super Fitting include:

UL us Listed to UL 514B; C22.2 No. 18.3-12
UL File # E207875
Start your savings today, by connecting with the Universal Super Fitting from Konkore Fittings.

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